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'Gladioli' by Florence Houston

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Florence Houston is an artist living and working in London. She uses her classical training to paint contemporary subjects, splitting her time between figurative work, still lifes and interior scenes. She likes to paint mundane or fetishised objects monumentally or theatrical female figures with an edge of vulnerability and peculiarity. With a focus on colour and composition her work will often highlight the conflicting characteristics of her subjects.

25 x 18 cm framed

Watercolour, ink and gouache on paper

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We love mixing new works with existing pieces in your collection and this can be a great and easy way to create a gallery wall. Buying contemporary work to sit alongside traditional pieces you may have inherited is a great way to modernise a space while giving the more traditional pieces a new lease of life. Our advice would be to have a common thread that runs between the pieces to tie them together - this could be similar tones or colours, or a theme that runs through all the works.