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The Print Shop


Artist Lucy Kent with prints from the Artch collection

Our carefully curated collection of beautiful quality limited and open-edition prints from emerging and established artists.

Print FAQs

What does limited edition mean?

Limited edition means that the work can only be printed a limited number of times. If a print says 1/25 then that means that the next print available is number 1 in a run of 25 prints. Limiting a print run makes it more exclusive as only say many prints can ever exist.

What is an open edition print?

An open edition print doesn't have a limited print run. This means that the work can be printed as many times as necessary and it can always be in stock.

What is a giclée print?

Giclée is a French word meaning 'to spray' and this refers to the way that ink is applied to paper using the giclée printing method. A giclée print will be created using the highest quality printing technology and archival inks made from pigments rather than dyes. The paper must also be high quality and designated as archival too. Because of the way that they are printed, giclée prints should have a very long lifespan so make a great investment.


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