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Anouska Beckwith

Anouska Beckwith is a fine art photographer, director and creative who lives
and works in Somerset, UK.

After graduating from Speos Photographic Institute in Paris 2012, Beckwith
went on to form the female artist collective World Wide Women. Since then, Anouska has held four successful solo shows, as well as exhibiting at renowned galleries Saatchi Gallery, Fitzrovia Chapel & Christies and exhibitions in Paris, New York, Switzerland, Spain and Brazil.

Her work has been featured in Vogue, Aesthetica, Dazed & Confused, amongst
other publications. Beckwith’s work is wholly influenced by her own appreciation for the natural world, a self-described disciple of Mother Earth. Beckwith’s work is also a homage to female wisdom, it shines a light on the nature of the woman to protect Mother Earth, to love and honour the planet. Expressing herself through photography, art and film; nature and the feminine are enduring themes while Beckwith's work inspires a romantic and otherworldly feel.

The power of nature and the feminine are often present throughout Beckwith’s work, manifesting in photographs which communicate a world of dramatic beauty, the ethereal and recall the paintings of the pre-Raphaelites. Aesthetically, Beckwith's photographs celebrate the seductive power of nature and the exquisite possibilities of photography, however her work also carries deeper undertones exploring the human relationship to the cosmos.

Anouska is currently working towards her fifth solo exhibition that will be held
in March 2024 at the Bamford Barn in the Cotswolds and at
Bamford in Mayfair.




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