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In the Picture with Sarah Corbett Winder

In the Picture with Sarah Corbett Winder

Which are your favourite 3 prints from our collection and why? (Which rooms would you put each in, how would you style and frame them?)

‘Night Rainbow’ by Lucy Kent She would be framed in a thin dark green gloss frame, no mount and would hang perfectly in our kitchen where we have a picture wall - which is forever growing. Gosh she really would be perfect there! I can see her home already!

‘Phoney Pony’ by Lucy Spanyol - I often pick art that I know my husband would like, which I always end up loving. I know that sounds weird, but I try to push my art taste. This I’m seeing in a mustard frame and am thinking she would sit on the hallway shelf outside our bedroom - she would have friends as other pieces of art are there already!

‘Little Sunset’ by Tim Benson She would be framed in a red gloss, quite thick frame and be slightly raised and would hang in our kids bathroom - which is filled with red -  boats, stripes and all things red!


Tell us why prints are a great addition for the home? 

Oh my gosh we are forever collecting ‘prints’, especially when we travel or visit a new place, we love to bring a memory home. I actually have the napkin from my husband and I’s first date framed and that memory is now on the wall and I can enjoy her everyday. Our home is forever evolving, I love to move our art around alot. I use art to focus for the day so it’s very important what I have by my sink and or on my dressing table - it’s often my kids or husband's art. And never forget the power of smothering a wall in art - I always think more is more - it gives great personality. I have a slight problem when it comes to collecting art but it always gives back - so if you break down the cost per look it's always a bargain! The thought of a bare wall fills me with fear!


Who is your favourite female artist of all time? 

Can I have 3 please? Kate Corbett-Winder (my mother-in-law), Celia Beaton, and Mary Newcomb


If you could be painted by one female artist who would it be? 

Tracey Emin because I would be so fascinated to see what she saw and then created. Or my daughter, Nancy - actually I must ask her if she would paint me this weekend

You used to be an artist and also come from a very artistic family - Do you paint with your children and keep that artistic spark going? 

Yes, I REALLY love it when our kids ask to paint or draw, which luckily is a lot, it makes me feel so warm inside. Lyon, our eldest who is 5, recently did an art installation in his room which resulted in him cutting all his hair off! But it was so magical to see him create things with different mediums and being so proud of his work. Lyon and Nancy (Celeste will when she is older)  have art boxes for the car, train or plane - basically I’ll pop a beret on them at any given opportunity! We also frame our kids' masterpieces and put them on the wall or lean them on shelves, this also encourages them to create more. Lur fridge is a forever evolving sketch book. Kids' work is always so amazingly naive, I always tried to paint like that when I was at art school. I guess they have no expectations of what something should look like, they just create, so it feels so free and organic. Which always makes it have a magical feel.



Our charity partner Barefoot International help women in deprived countries and communities, educating them in sustainable knowledge and skills to help empower them in their home communities. Which important lessons and skills do you feel it’s important to hand down to your own daughters? 

Great question! I aspire for our daughters to understand the importance of being kind and also the power and joy of laughter (even at oneself). I would love them to enjoy the journey and believe that they have the power to make things happen. It’s important to me that they see my husband and I go to work. We always try to explain things and why/how they work. I would like them to give back to the world in a way that they feel they can. I’m excited for them - the world is their oyster!


Images by @aliciawaite_



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