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'Palm with Turquoise Sky' by Lara Feldman


Lara Feldman was born in South Africa and now lives and works in London. Her work deals with image and memory, and like Milton Avery, the talking point is always colour. Lara’s visual language shape-shifts depending on where she is taking inspiration from, but a central aspect of her work references growing up in her beloved native city of Cape Town, South Africa. Lara records the figures and the landscape they inhabit through vivid colour and a painterly approach to creating dusky and nebulous figurative scenes through oil on canvas. Recalling the soft, nostalgic light of Cape Town, she looks to swaying, joyously careless palm trees, a recurring symbol used to connote longing and desire for the city she loves or to consider home as a far-off land. Through her colours, she captures the quality of Cape light, what might conventionally be termed ‘Mediterranean’.

Lara’s gestural oil paintings re-present and re-frame images from her own bank of photographs. She works with an immediacy to record and interpret moments from her life, both real and imagined and with both friends and strangers. Her figurations appear hazed in memory, often with colours bleeding or melting into one another.

Lara is explorative in her approach to painting, focusing on the personal as a prism to question the proximity to her subject. Feldman’s grasp of the medium is reflected in her construction and composition of image, using abstraction in her editing of ‘reality’, as well as her ordering of surfaces, painterly effects, and the creation of studied portraits, interiors and cyphers of landscape.

Since moving to London in 2018, Feldman’s practice was developed by the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at City Lit, from which she graduated in 2022.

Oil on linen

30 x 40 cm

Original works of art are carefully packaged in our studio using recycled materials wherever possible. We send all original works with Royal Mail special delivery.

*Please note that all pieces in our Summer Exhibition will be sent after the exhibition closes on the 22nd June.

'Palm with Turquoise Sky' by Lara Feldman




Artch was established in 2020 by artist Lucy Kent as an artist-led platform dedicated to promoting art with purpose.  We direct a large portion of our sales to artists and charities, challenging the traditional art market paradigm.

“We strive to dismantle art world barriers, ensuring art is accessible to all. We believe in the power of community: and that artists joining their voices collectively can affect meaningful change and have a positive impact on the world around us.’

Lucy Kent


How do I hang a new piece with works I already have?

We love mixing in new works with existing are in your collection. It can be a great way to do this as part of a gallery wall or a specific place on it’s own. Buying more contemporary work and hanging this alongside traditional work you may have inherited, is a great way of modernising a space and giving these more traditional pieces new life. Our advice would be to have a common thread that runs between the 2 pieces, that ties them together - this could be similar tones or colours, or a similar theme or subject in both the works.  

Does art make a good wedding present?

We have lots of pieces that would make brilliant wedding presents. Buying art as a gift is such a meaningful present and will forever be a talking piece for that couple, and tell a story of the people that bought them that piece and remind them of their wedding. Prints are always an easy and affordable wedding gift. Or if you want to club together with some friends and buy an original framed piece, you will definitely win the prize for most unique gift!

How do I choose a frame?

This is a very favourite topic of ours - we LOVE framing!  How you frame depends on the space you’d like to hang the piece in.  If you are hanging on a neutral wall, we love to go for a colourful frame. And using an interesting moulding, be it reeded or bobbin, is a great way of adding texture to a room.  For works on paper I love a deckled paper edge - in this case I love to float or surface mount the paper, so you can see this deckled edge and then a simple wood frame. If you are trying to make a space more contemporary, framing can be a great way to add to this, like a tray frame on a large canvas piece. I also love framing traditional art works in modern frames and vice versa; a modern little print in a really traditional old antique gilt frame.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes we absolutely do - this is the perfect gift solution for that person who either has everything, or you just can’t choose which artwork to buy for them. A lovely gift for someone to choose exactly what they would like from our large collection of art work.


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