James Meakin

'Mozambique Sun I' by James Meakin

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James Meakin’s Fine Art photography begins with an unrelenting pursuit of beauty and an innate eye for colour, infusing his work with a love for the natural world with his search for the emotion in a moment.
His images, often graphic and minimalist in style, possess a slightly otherworldly allure, revealing a hint of darkness to compliment the joy in light,

At times his work transcends the photographic medium,  with textures more a kin to a painters canvas, blending an intuitive perception of motion with a profound sensitivity and intimacy with the subject.

Drawing from a distinguished career in high-end fashion photography and visual story telling, his Journey has allowed him to absorb the poetic energy of far-flung places, inviting the viewer to explore daydreams of places as yet unexplored, of lingering memories perhaps yet to be made...

36 x 36 cm framed in a thin Aluminimum profile with AR glass

Edition of 10

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We love mixing new works with existing pieces in your collection and this can be a great and easy way to create a gallery wall. Buying contemporary work to sit alongside traditional pieces you may have inherited is a great way to modernise a space while giving the more traditional pieces a new lease of life. Our advice would be to have a common thread that runs between the pieces to tie them together - this could be similar tones or colours, or a theme that runs through all the works.