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Valérie Pirlot

Valérie Pirlot is a belgian self-taught artist who moved to The UK in 2004. 

She is a member of the Bath Society of Artists, an Associate Member at the Royal Institute of Oil Painters and a founding member of The British Plein Air Painters group. Beside her practice as an oil painter, she has been teaching painting  and writing for various Art magazines (Paint& Draw, Leisure Painter, Pratique des Arts). 

Valérie works predominately in the great outdoors and gets much joy from capturing the beauty of her surroundings with freshness and passion - usually in one session ‘alla prima’. In the recent years, she has been inspired to paint live events such weddings, parties, fairs (Carter’s Steam Fair), circus shows (Gifford Circus) and music festivals. In 2022, Glastonbury festival invited Valérie as one of their four official painters to come and capture the spirit of the festival. 

‘Painting makes me feel alive. Life goes fast, and we are only catching glimpses of it. This is what I try to depict with paint: an emotion, an impression, a moment, a feeling of light that will be gone in just a few minutes. Light is at the centre of my work and remains an endless fascination. I don’t see people, landscapes, or still lives; all I see are shapes, colours, and light begging to be captured with paint. I aim to depict the essence of a subject in a few brushstrokes, but making every single one count.’




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