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Tommy Clarke


Clarke famously hangs out of helicopters and small aircraft to capture mesmerising shapes and colours from the air, giving his images a very distinct and recognisable style. Hanging out of helicopters with no doors clutching a camera may seem extreme, but Clarke's daredevil flights have enabled him to capture a new perspective of the most beautiful locations on earth. His vivid aerial photographs of beaches, salt lakes and bubbling geysers make earth look like abstract art.

"We love Tommy Clarke's work because of his unique eye for colour and his bold compositions. Conjuring up feelings of nostalgia, holidays and pure escapism, Clarke's images succeed in transporting you to a place you'd rather be. It is refreshing to note that he doesn't rely on digital manipulation to create his artwork." Luke Whitaker, Curator.

 In 2015 Tommy Clarke was named International Landscape Photographer of the Year. His aerial photographs have featured prominently in some of the world's most celebrated publications, such as Conde Nast Traveller, The Times and The British Journal of Photography.

"My eyes are always drawn towards colour, shape and texture. I look for places where from above these three combine to create an almost abstract image. My salt series is the best known example of that, where dried salt ponds meet ponds full of bright red liquid." Tommy Clarke.




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