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Richard Whadcock

Richard Whadcock is one of the UK's leading contemporary artists, specialising in atmospheric landscape paintings. His contemporary landscape paintings explore the South Downs and East Sussex coast. Trying to capture its ever changing dramatic atmosphere from silent stillness to squally days. The South Downs are only a starting point as the paintings themselves eventually take over and follow their own path creating their unique surface landscape.

“…I don't think they are immediate paintings. The images enveloped in light and air reveal themselves the more you stand in front of them, if you are willing to let them, in the same way that a real landscape is taken in as you walk through it…”

Richard studied fine art painting and printmaking at Bristol Polytechnic and then went on to complete his Masters at the Royal College of Art in 1989-91. He then moved to Brighton and established his studio at Phoenix Brighton. A residency at Lowick House Print Workshop in Cumbria in 1996 further developed his printmaking but also led to painting coming more to the fore and becoming his main area of development.




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