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Rachel Bottomley

 “My friends call me a magpie, drawn to colour and detail that I take back to my nest and make my own. I love to think of my paintings in that way, full of treasures, and like collectibles”

Rachel Bottomley is a British contemporary painter based in the Surrey countryside. She paints freely, effortlessly and unstoppably, depicting scenes that ignite her imagination, and drawing upon details she’s seen, loved & stored in her imagination to add further character and joy to her works.  The forms may change but her painting principles remain, giving her vibrant mark-making its signature strokes of exaggerated, curvaceous lines, immense decorative detailing and a sense of intuition over precision.

Rich and layered, Rachel’s practice blends acrylic, ink, pigment stick, pencil and both oil and chalk pastels to give rise to immersive art that pops off the page with each energetic, free-flowing line interrupting and interacting with the next. Rachel’s work is as tactile as her mixed media tools and as immersive to view as it was for her to create, abundant in detail and in complete colour harmony.

Collected internationally, Rachel’s work is seen and enjoyed everywhere from the private homes across America to that of The Royal Family as well as public spaces, such as Mayfair’s modern European restaurant, Socca.  She is part of regular gallery exhibitions across the UK and accepts personal commissions.



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