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Original Art


Artist Sasha Compton painting at Thyme

Our curated collection of original works of art by emerging and established artists from the Artch community

Original Art FAQs

What does original art mean?

An original work is completely unique. This means that the piece cannot be made as multiples (like a print). Due to their rarity, original works usually attract a higher price point than prints but they make great investment pieces.

What is a float mount?

We love float mounting! This is a way of framing a piece where it is mounted slightly away from the back of the frame to create a shadow gap all the way around the edge. This is a really effective way of framing pieces on paper with a deckle (raw) edge as it shows off the entirety of the piece.

What is AR glass?

AR means anti-reflective and we generally prefer to frame with this type of glass wherever possible. Anti-reflective glass means far fewer reflections and makes it easier to hang pieces without having to worry about the glare from nearby light sources.


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