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Nia MacKeown

Nia is a Pembrokeshire born artist with a passion for painting “en plein air”.

Showing a keen interest in painting from a young age, she studied Foundation Art at college before earning a place at a London University. However, a change in direction saw Nia become a midwife for 6 years, during which time she spent her spare hours focusing on developing her painting technique and life drawing skills. In 2016 her passion for painting had taken over and she became a full time professional artist, painting the things she loves, imagery of everyday life, of the endearing commonplace, and landscapes tempered with reflection and light. 

Nia finds that working from life results in fresh, reactive mark making which helps her capture the essence of the scene. Although mainly working in oils on small panels when painting outdoors, these smaller studies are then often used to produce larger studio works.

Past accolades include selection for the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters exhibition, the Royal West Academy exhibition, the Wales Contemporary, the Artist Magazine open competition as well as having been highly commended at the Bristol’s plein air painting competition.

Nia is the daughter of the artist James Mackeown, the granddaughter of Martin Mackeown and the great granddaughter of renowned Irish artist Tom Carr. 

‘Though my subject matter can vary from landscapes to still life or interiors, a common theme that runs through my work is a focus on light and colour. I have a passion for painting from life, especially “en plein air” as I value the fluid and vibrant results that often arise when working out in nature. I strive to capture the essence of the scene with immediacy and spontaneity before the light or weather conditions change. Over the years I have drawn influence from artists such as Monet and Bonnard as well as many eminent contemporary artists. My immediate surroundings and imagery of everyday life are constant sources of inspiration which I seek to celebrate in my work’.


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