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Natalia Bagniewska

Natalia Bagniewska is a London-based artist, illustrator and designer who joyfully celebrates the details of life through multiple mediums. 

Born in North West London to Polish parents, Natalia's rich cultural heritage has been formative in her creativity, influenced specifically by the graphic film posters of mid-century Poland. This has melded with her love of Matisse's colours and forms, Hockney's atmospheric style and Betty Woodman's ability to make the domestic dreamlike, to shape her maximalist style.

Natalia's work is inspired by the world that surrounds her – fruit, plants, furniture, the local park or a daily ritual – culminating in an effervescent observation of the everyday. Simultaneously recognisable and totally unique, Natalia turns the brightness up on the real world, inspiring the audience to truly appreciate what's around them. Whatever the medium, she playfully re-imagines the familiar through her vivid colour palettes, organic forms and expressive strokes, As comforting as a still-hot kettle, Natalia's work emanates a warmth and happiness which can be hard to find.




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