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Lara Feldman

Lara Feldman deals with image and memory, however her practice as a painter returns her to colour. Like Milton Avery, the talking point is confidently the same, it is always colour. Her visual language shape-shifts depending on where she is taking inspiration from, but a central aspect of her work references growing up in her beloved native city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Feldman records the figures and the landscape they inhabit through vivid colour and a painterly approach to creating dusky and nebulous figurative scenes through oil on canvas. Recalling the soft nostalgic light of Cape Town, she looks to swaying, joyously careless palm trees, a recurring symbol and image she uses, to connote longing and desire for the city she loves, or to consider home as a far-off land. Through her colour she captures the quality of Cape light, what might conventionally be termed ‘Mediterranean’.

Feldman’s gestural oil paintings re-presented and re-frame images from her bank of photographs that she has taken, Feldman works with an immediacy to record and interpret moments from her life, both real and imagined, both friends and strangers. Her figurations appear hazed in memory, often with colours bleeding or melting into one another. Feldman is explorative in her approach to painting, focusing on the personal as a prism to question the proximity to her subject. Feldman’s grasp of the medium is reflected in her construction and composition of image, using abstraction in her editing of ‘reality’, as well as her ordering of surfaces, painterly effects, and the creation of studied portraits, interiors and ciphers of landscape.

Since moving to London in 2018, Feldman’s practice was developed by the UAL Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at City Lit, from which she graduated in 2022.




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