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Ifada Nisa

Ifada is a self-taught artist living in a small town in Indonesia. After a degree in architecture, she is now pursuing art and painting, and is inspired by the work of Oliver Jeffers, Edward Hopper, and Maira Kalman.

Through her practice, Ifada explores various objects and styles. Her recent works are mainly exploring landscape as a place to measure distance and intimacy within the self; and chairs as a metaphor for the human, its presence and absence. She uses acrylics, gouache, and pencil colour for her paintings.

Ifada turns her illustrations into postcards and books making her art more accessible in this way; alongside commission works; and her paintings are being featured in online magazines.

Ifada believes art is a home for every wandering soul, to belong and explore, to wonder about oneself and life itself. Through the practice of art she helps herself to heal.


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