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Haidee-Jo Summers

Awarded Artist of the Year 2012 by the Society of All Artists and one of the few artists chosen by the BBC to paint the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant from the Millennium bridge, Haidee-Jo is a full-time professional artist known for painting landscapes and seascapes 'en plein air'. 

She is a member of the Royal Institute of Oil painters (ROI) and the Royal Society of Marine Artists (RSMA) and her work can be seen each year at the Mall Galleries in London with these prestigious societies. Haidee-Jo writes regularly for The Artist magazine and is proud to be one of their three editorial consultants, alongside Ken Howard RA and David Curtis ROI RSMA. Her first book on oil painting, ‘Vibrant Oils’ has been republished in Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese. She also has a popular DVD which shares the same name. She has been invited to judge UK and international plein air events, after previously winning many prizes for her work which features fresh and vibrant brushwork coupled with keen drawing and observational skills. 

‘My work is a celebration of the effects of light revealed in rich and vibrant oil paint using my personal visual language of fresh and direct brushmarks. Painting en plein air is central to my practice, and I travel to seek new experiences and fresh inspiration to feed back into my studio work. I have a particular love of coastal locations and gardens, allotments and interiors, favouring intimate and busy subjects over grand vistas. I strive for simplicity and economy and to make every mark count, walking the fine line between shape and suggestion.”




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