Denys Gorodnychyi

Denis was born in 1984, in Poltava, Ukraine, which is part of the
former Soviet Union. At the age of 15 he was accepted into the specialised
and selective Poltava Children’s Fine Arts School. From 2001 to 2007 he
studied at The Poltava National Technical University.

After graduating Denis began his art career by painting en plein air and participating in exhibitions.

‘I have recently had the urge for vast space and yet I try to paint tranquility and peace. I am not attracted to dynamic or dramatic themes. I don’t want to clutter my work - I want to preserve the clarity and truthfulness of the image.

The power of art is great, because of its universal language which is understood by everyone. This way the artist can share his feelings and thoughts with the viewer’

Each painting session is different - sometimes Denis completes a painting in one sitting; others take several sessions. He enjoys working with a palette knife which produces a ‘pasty’ texture to the work.

Denis admires the the Old Masters, ‘probably because they delved
more into the essence of nature, while contemporary artists pay more
attention not to the study of nature, but to the disclosure of their own inner world’.

It is important not to forget that art is a phenomenon designed to educate a person’s soul, to cultivate the most valuable qualities in a person, such as love, for example. Therefore, artists have a great responsibility - what to release into the world, what to open up to the viewer. This, of course, is only my subjective opinion.’