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Delia Hamer

Hamers world is mythological. If Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Christian mythology that’s indifferent to her. “ Different stories different symbols different protagonists but all try to give answers, answers to questions that make us human. Exactly that instance is what my paintings are all about”.

Time and space are on halt in Hamers paintings. They are drenched in silence and her female protagonists, who remind us simultaneously of the arcaic Kore sculptures as of the sinuous females Botticelli painted, always appear alone. Solitude is captured, not loneliness. “A conscious retreat back into Garden Eden” as Hamer calls it.

German born (1992) but raised in the countryside of southern Spain, her colour palette is vibrant and soaked by the Mediterranean sun. Many of her reoccurring symbols in her paintings, like the Palm tree, agaves, oranges, grapefruit or terracotta vases are also to be traced back to her childhood in the South. This is why after her art studies in Milan (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera) and her Masters in London (UAL) she decided to move back south and set up her studio in Lisbon.

Hamer won @delphiangallery Open Call group exhibition 2020


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