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Chez Yeates

Chez is a queer artist based in Croydon. Her practice focuses on the creation of vibrant portals to make you disco.

Chez was named one to watch by Elle Decoration Magazine and has exhibited with exciting established galleries such as Milton Keynes Gallery and Blueshop Cottage. Her work was featured in Friend of the Artist Volume 14 and she has worked on public art commissions with brands such as Hush and Coat paints.

Chez captures the feeling of joyful abandon in her technicoloured portals with balanced precision, symmetry and hypnotic colour. Her work takes inspiration from disco culture - exploring queerness, pleasure, youthfulness, and sexuality.

She uses her portals as a vessel to bring the mystical into the mainstream, embracing the essence of disco as a form of modern meditation that has the ability to transport and connect people. The vibrations, the sparkle, the colours envelope the soul to ignite a spiritual experience - she hopes to capture this in her vivacious work.


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