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Becky Blair

Becky’s lively and eclectic style, combined with her vivid use of colour and dream-like reflections, has seen her highly-sought-after work sold through exhibitions and private commissions internationally.

Her paintings evolve through a complex layering of glazes, textures, drawing and printing. Her compositions are formed from pools of overlapping colour, and the use of negative space, adding and taking away elements to create a surface that has its own history.

Known as an artist who sees the beauty in things which may otherwise seem ordinary, she draws inspiration from the everyday, as well as her travels through India, Australia and Europe. “I like the back streets. I like to wander. I’m curious to everyday happenings, and this is reflected in the way I travel.”

Becky lives in Brighton with her husband and daughter and has undertaken 6 sell out solo shows over the past 10 years; She has a loyal following that relish her vibrant, and unique style.

When traveling, Becky’s interest lies in the sights and scenarios that reveal a true sense of place. Her paintings reflect the experience, rather than the visage, allowing viewers to share in the moment. In some images, one can note a suggestion of indigenous motifs but it is rather an appreciation than appropriation as Blair celebrates all subjects with her unique view.




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