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Bayard Hollins

Bayard Hollins paints the conjunction between the emotional place and the “the rawness of nature”. The paintings are imbued with the energy of the brushstrokes. The artist leaves room for the viewer’s input, rather than defining the scene precisely. There is a union of intent and execution.  Sculpture is another path for this artist.  Hollins’ formal education took place largely abroad. In addition to a year at the New York Academy of Art, Hollins studied at the Florence Academy of Art, Studio Cecil-Graves, Florence Italy, the Cleveland Institute of Art Program at Lacoste, France and at the University of Salamanca, Spain.  His work has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows from California to Maine and is in corporate and private collection both in the US and Europe.

“There are many influences in my work. However the dominant theme tends to be the interaction between classical realism and abstract expressionism. I work fast and with large strokes to convey the rawness of nature. I want to leave every painting in what could be considered an incomplete state, because I believe an unrefined painting is truer to nature and to my own emotions. When earthly references are suggested rather than spelled out, space is created for the painting to move, breath and grow in the viewerʼs imagination.  When painting caves in upon itself, sculpture often lights the way for me. I donʼt like fumbling along in the dark, I just reach for a new light switch.”  




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