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In the Picture with Tash Bradley

In the Picture with Tash Bradley

Can you tell us a bit about how Lick came about?

We launched in 2019 and wanted it to be a fun and aspirational brand that was going to make paint a bit cooler and decorating more enjoyable - shaking things up in the decorating market. At our core is sustainability with community as the driving force of the brand. It’s a people-powered decorating movement that does good and looks good. Think of it as a decorating parent that’s with you every step of the way, helping you choose the perfect colours for your home, offering you advice and how-to videos. Lick has everything in one bundle to transform your home. We initially launched 50 colours to prevent colour paralysis (too much choice) and now have 126, which is still very curated in the paint world. Each colour has its own identity which is unique to Lick - we don’t have any colours that are similar to another due to the quality of the formula and pigments in the paints. Our paint is rich in pigment that brings it to life. We offer two finishes - matt and eggshell - that can go on everything making decorating simple. We also have peel-and-stick samples that are 100% true to colour and much less wasteful than sample pain pots, you can move them around to see how the colour looks in different rooms and different lights.

As Director of Interior Design at Lick, what does a typical working day look like for you?
I split my role into three pillars – 1. colour consultancy called Lick Studio, which I offer virtual and home appointments, helping people understand what colours they want in their homes, and have helped over 2.5K people so far; 2. Curator of all our colour palettes, developing products and looking at trends, ensuring I’m at the forefront of what’s going on by going to trade shows and speaking to our customers. We engage our community in all product development to find out what they want, which helps us decide what colours we archive or create anew, I then create the colour and send them off to our factory; 3.. This is my most fun one which involves anything to do with helping people, answering questions, how-to video content, Instagram live, webinars and panel talks. When we decorated our home 10 years ago I couldn’t find anyone to help me and I didn’t want that for our customers.

What are your favourite colour combinations and what have you gone for in your own home?
My husband and I have just moved house as we’re expecting a baby soon and needed more space, I’ve gone for pink and green - one of my favourite combinations - it never grows old, but I’ve chosen a more earthy pink and quite a bright green that I saw everywhere in Milan. I also love a pop of yellow, I’m really drawn to it and brings me so much joy, plus blue also runs through the house. I’ve just done the nursery which I took inspiration from a painting by Emily Powell that I love, it depicts a polar bear dropping jam sandwiches from a hot air balloon to other little polar bears below, tying in with this I chose a warm white ceiling with a yellow scalloped edge and a blue chest of draws. I also love an unexpected colour combination that I normally find in nature – blues and greens and pinks and oranges are always a 10 out of 10.

What colour trends are you seeing this year and is it too early to predict them for 2024?
It’s definitely not too early, I’m actually doing a prediction at the moment so I can’t say yet but will do announcing it in September. One of my go-to colour palettes that I’m seeing more and more is warm neutrals layers with tones of green and accents of orange/rust/red, it’s got a slightly retro and biophilic feel. People are also embracing colours they can connect to, as we all have a different personal connection to colours. Ones that have been super popular and will be next year is anything earthy, beige, pink, green, they are timeless and you can then add in a pop of something brighter. Biophilic design is really popular, helping people connect with nature and bringing the outside in. Another one is being playful with primary colours, having fun with blues, yellows and reds as a running theme throughout.

What colour advice would you give to create an interior design colour scheme around a specific piece of artwork?
This takes me back to our nursery inspired by Emily Powell’s art. Your favourite piece of art can help you connect to a memory or a feeling you want your home to have so it’s a lovely place to start and make a focal point. Pull out the tones that you like and use them throughout your home. It can be any kind of art, reflecting a feeling you have in your interiors. The hallway is a good place to start with as you can be brave, you don’t spend masses of time in it and it leads onto other rooms. Take a look at the palette and understand the feeling, if it makes you feel calm etc it will lead you to the right colour choices.

Lick has done amazingly to be B Corp certified scoring 101.5 as its first score, could you tell us more about what this means and how the company's sustainable approach has impacted/influenced the direction of the business?
When we got that score we were the highest paint brand to get it which means the world to us. From day one sustainability has been at the core of what we do and to become B Corp was a huge moment. It's all about doing what will benefit people and the planet. The B Corp values are embedded in our day-to-day business, making better decisions for the planet, considering our stakeholders, our decorating community, looking after our employees and contributing to the community. We work with two charities, One Tree Planted and Charity Water, so every time you buy a can of paint you are giving back. Our paint is made to order so there's no waste, low VOC, water base and all made in the UK. Our wallpaper is also made to order and sustainably sourced, and the tools are all sustainable too.

Please could you choose your favourite three prints from our latest Summer drop celebrating colour?

Lucy Kent - Night Rainbow
I have always been so drawn to Lucy Kent's style. This picture, in particular, transports me to the countryside, making me think of home.

The Full Montage - Lotus
I love the shade of green, and the fact these prints are so large - they will fill a big space and pack a punch whilst doing it.

Chiara Perano - Tulip Vase Painting
Chiara is not only the most wonderful person, but her artwork is full of joy and happiness. The simplicity and charm of Tulip Vase make this piece work in any room and with any colour palette.



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