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5 Minutes with artist Denys Gorodnychyi

5 Minutes with artist Denys Gorodnychyi

Denys was born in 1984 in Poltava, Ukraine. He studied at Poltava Children's Art School (1996-2001) and Poltava National Technical University Y. Kondratyuk (2001-2007).

The main scenes for Denys' works are Ukrainian landscapes. He says: "The most interesting thing for me in writing pictures is to express the various states of nature, its mood. Creativity is a constant search and experiment, an attempt to create something new and unrepeatable. The only thing that remains unchanged is the subjects close to the heart."

ARTCH Can you tell us what you’re working on at the moment?

DG My course is unchanged - I work on the landscape, I look for new ways to reveal this or that theme, motif. I'm still interested in solving space and lighting problems! Studying the tonal structure for a painting.

ARTCH Where do you find inspiration for your work?

DG Nature is the most important source of knowledge and inspiration.

ARTCH What does a typical day look like for you?

DG My usual day begins with a little exercise for the body. Then everything else that can follow can follow… many household chores and various troubles often distract from creativity.. but such is life. But nevertheless, I try to devote at least a couple of hours a day to painting, or preparing for a new composition, and a lot of processes are happening in my head (thinking, composing and searching for a new motive, to reveal the idea of a future painting). Towards the evening, if the weather is good, I happily go for a short bike ride. In the evening before going to bed, I again think about future paintings…

ARTCH What’s hanging on your walls?

DG On my walls hang paintings by my friends and colleagues and my paintings.

ARTCH Work of art you’d love to own?

DG Without a doubt, I would like to have paintings of the classics of the late 19th and early 20th centuries at home.

Huge thanks to Denys for taking the time to answer our questions. We're thrilled to have one of his exquisite paintings in our latest drop, In Nature.

Frosty Shadows by Denys Gorodnychyi


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